How does it work?

I'm the owner
1. Add your listing to the platform free of charge
Click on "List my pool" (in the menu bar) to add your listing in one simple click. Add your pool description and set the rental price yourself. Don't forget to include some pictures !
2. Receive reservation requests
As soon as you receive a request, you have the option to accept or refuse it depending on your availability.
3. Welcome your swimmers
When the time comes, welcome your guests so that they can freely use your pool.
4. Receive your earnings
You will automatically receive the transaction amount to your bank account within 3 to 10 days.
5. Leave a rating on the platform
Once the rental is over, you have the option of leaving a comment to share your experience.
List my pool
I'm renting
1. Search for your dream pool
Enter your desired location in the search bar and select the pool you've been dreaming of. You can also contact the owner to ask for more information
2. Reserve on line
Reserve the pool by selecting a booking date. You will not be charged immediately
3. Prepare your arrival
Once your reservation request has been accepted, you will be able to view the pool's exact address. All you have to do is pack your swimsuits!
4. Dive into the nice refreshing pool
The day has arrived! Enjoy your swim with peace of mind. Don't forget all the extras included in your rental: deckchairs, jacuzzi, poolside barbecue, tennis court...
5. Leave a rating on the platform
It's already over... Feel free to leave a comment on the quality of the hospitality you received.
Rent a pool