Who was crazy enough to embark on the Swimmy adventure?

Swimmy's story,

To be honest, if Raphaëlle had not been a fan of sunbathing and of good times with friends, Swimmy would still only be an idea.

She chatted on the edge of pool with the sparkling Anne-Laure, who thought it would be good that nearby pools profit as well others. That’s how Swimmy was born!

Raphaëlle took the idea seriously. She contacted 423 pool owners (yes) and came to a conclusion: Swimmy needs to be launched!

Anne-Laure, who had wisely chosen to be a director general of a hospital, still can't believe it.

Thus was born Swimmy in order to:,
  • (important) and allow some people to spend some quality moments around a pool,
  • To allow owners to (important) and to democratize access to pools.
  • To live an (important),